Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show appreciation for your dad than by sending him a heartfelt eCard? But why settle for any ordinary card when you can send one that supports a worthwhile charity? SuS Pads is an organisation dedicated to providing reusable pad training to girls in impoverished areas and also teaching them menstrual hygiene management to help them manage their period hygienically. By sending a Father’s Day e-card that supports this cause, you not only show love for your dad but also make a difference in someone else’s life. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to send a Father’s Day eCard while supporting charitable causes like SuS Pads and other worthy organisations. Let’s get started!

What is an eCard?

eCards, or electronic cards, have become a popular way to send greetings and well wishes for any occasion. They are digital versions of traditional greeting cards that can be customised with personalised messages and images.

The benefits of e-cards over physical cards are numerous. For one, they’re environmentally friendly since there’s no paper waste involved. Secondly, they’re very convenient, as you can send them instantly without having to worry about postage or delivery times. Plus, they often come with fun animations and sound effects that make the experience even more enjoyable.

Sending an eCard is also a great option if you live far away from your dad or won’t be able to see him in person on Father’s Day because it allows you to still show your love and appreciation in a meaningful way.

Ecards provide a modern and convenient way to express your feelings while being kind to the environment at the same time. So this Father’s Day, consider sending an eCard instead of a traditional card—it may just surprise your dad!

Father’s Day 2023 e-card that supports SuS Pads

Father’s Day is an opportunity to show appreciation for all the hard work and love that our dads have put into raising us. If you’re looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Father’s Day this year, consider sending an e-card that supports a worthwhile charity like SuS Pads.

SuS Pads provides sanitary pads to girls in underprivileged areas who often miss school due to a lack of access to menstrual hygiene products. By supporting SuS Pads with your Father’s Day e-card, you can make a positive impact on someone else’s life while also honouring your dad.

Sending the SuS Pads-supported Father’s Day e-card is easy; simply choose from one of their unique designs and personalise it with your own message. You can even include a photo or video clip if you’d like!

Not only will your dad appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but he’ll also feel proud knowing that his special day has contributed towards helping others in need. Plus, by supporting SuS Pads through their e-cards, you’re not only spreading awareness about menstrual health but also making it easier for young women around the world to pursue education without interruption.

So why not send a heartfelt Father’s Day message while also giving back? Choose SuS Pads as the charity on your Father’s Day 2023 e-card!

How do I send a Father’s Day eCard?

Sending a Father’s Day eCard is easy and convenient, and it can be done in just a few simple steps. First, you need to choose the right eCard that suits your dad’s personality or interests. There are many websites that offer free eCards for Father’s Day with different designs and themes.

Once you have chosen the perfect card, make sure to add some personal touches, such as your own message. This will show your dad how much thought you put into his gift.

Next, enter your dad’s email address or phone number where you want to send the eCard. Be careful not to enter any incorrect information so that the card reaches its intended recipient.

After entering all necessary details correctly, click on the “send” or “share” button, depending on which website you use. The recipient will receive an email notification or text message containing a link to view their card online.

In summary, sending a Father’s Day eCard is hassle-free and can save time compared to traditional cards. It allows people from all over the world to express love for their fathers without being physically present with them.

The benefits of sending a Father’s Day eCard

Sending a Father’s Day eCard is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation and love for your dad. It’s an easy, convenient, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cards that can be easily lost or thrown away. Here are some of the benefits of sending a Father’s Day eCard.

First, it saves time and money. You don’t have to spend hours browsing through greeting card aisles or pay for postage when you send an eCard. With just a few clicks, you can pick out a beautiful design that reflects your dad’s personality and interests.

Secondly, eCards are environmentally friendly since they reduce paper waste compared to traditional cards. By choosing an online option, you’re helping reduce the carbon footprint created by physical card production.

Thirdly, most eCards allow for customization options such as adding personal messages or photos, which add a personalised touch without sacrificing convenience.

Lastly, but most importantly, support charities! The SuS Pads charity Father’s Day 2023 e-card is not only beautiful but also supports this worthwhile cause with each donation!

Sending Father’s Day e-cards is more convenient than ever before while still being able to support worthy causes like SuS Pads Charity!

The best charities to support with your Father’s Day eCard

Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for the dad in your life while also giving back to those in need. By sending an eCard that supports a worthwhile charity, you can make a positive impact on both fronts.

So, which charities are best suited for Father’s Day? There are many great options out there, but one organisation that stands out is SuS Pads. This nonprofit helps provide sustainable menstrual hygiene products and education to girls and women living in poverty-stricken areas in Africa. Supporting SuS Pads not only benefits these individuals directly but also promotes gender equality by allowing young girls to attend school uninterrupted by their periods.

Another excellent choice for a Father’s Day ecard is Hope Spring Water Charity. Hope Spring provides sustainable access to safe, clean drinking water for people in developing countries. Every purchase of a Father’s Day ecard supports this cause and helps provide vital water supplies to those who need them most.

Another excellent choice is Save the Children. This international organisation works tirelessly to improve the lives of children around the world by providing access to education, healthcare, and essential resources like food and clean water.

If you’re looking for a more local option, consider supporting a community-based charity like Habitat for Humanity or Feeding America. These organisations work within communities across the United States to build affordable housing or distribute meals to those struggling with food insecurity.

No matter which charity you choose to support with your Father’s Day eCard, remember that every little bit counts towards making a difference in someone else’s life.

How to make your own Father’s Day eCard

Making your own Father’s Day eCard is a perfect way to make it more personal and heartfelt. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, and you don’t need any special skills or equipment.

Firstly, choose the design of your card. You can use online tools such as Canva that offer pre-made templates for free, or you can create one from scratch using programmes like Adobe Illustrator.

Next, add a personalised message. Think about what you want to say and how you want to express your love and gratitude towards your dad. Keep it simple but meaningful.

Thirdly, include a photo if possible. This could be a picture of you and your dad together or an image that represents something he loves.

Fourthly, consider adding some humour or inside jokes that only he would understand—this will make him feel extra special!

Save the final version of your card as an image file (JPEG or PNG) so you can easily attach it to an email or share it on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

By taking the time to create a homemade Father’s Day eCard with a personal touch, they are not only contributing towards supporting worthwhile causes like SuS Pads but also making their fathers feel appreciated on this special occasion!


Sending a Father’s Day eCard that supports a worthwhile charity is a meaningful way to celebrate the holiday. Not only will you be expressing your love for your dad, but you’ll also be making a positive impact on those in need. Whether you choose to support SuS Pads or another charity close to your heart, know that every little bit counts.