Send a Birthday eCard or Video eCard that support a UK charity

Send a Birthday eCard or Video eCard that support a UK charity

Some of the charities on Charity eCards UK

Send a birthday ecard to support them

SuS Pads

SuS Pads

MH Poverty

Hope Spring

water charity

Hereforshire Green Network

Local green, environmental and Transition Town groups.

Charity eCards UK: Greetings Cards, eCards & Video eCards to Support UK Charities

Direct donations, attending a charity event or buying a charity raffle ticket is not the only way to support your favourite UK charity. You can support a charity by sending a card, an ecard or a video ecard from our platform.

The concept is quite simple and straightforward: let’s say you wanted to send a birthday card to a friend, choose a card from our wide range of ecards, personalise it with a message to the person you are sending the ecard to, add his or her email address plus a donation to a charity of your choice and send! Your birthday card will be sent instantly and your donation goes to the charity.

Birthday eCard V Birthday Card

No birthday is complete without a birthday card, the way we send birthday greetings to the people we love has changed over the years. It is now common to receive a birthday ecard instead of a birthday card. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. You cannot display a birthday ecard on your desk like you can do with a birthday ecard.

On the other hand, a birthday ecard travels at the speed of light! The moment it is sent, it arrives at the birthday boy or girl’s inbox. It is also a lot more convenient to send a birthday ecard, than having to buy a card, write it, address it, add a postage stand etc. While we cannot say traditional birthdays have had its day, it is clear that ecards are a far more efficient way to send birthday greetings quickly. There is a growing popularity for sending birthday video ecard, which are much more versatile than a static ecard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Charity eCards UK

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    What is the maximum number of words I can add to my ecard?

    There is no limit to the number of words you can add to an ecard.

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    What percentage of my donation goes to a charity?

    Every penny of your donation goes to charity, less bank charges.

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    How long does it take for my ecard to arrive at the recipient’s inbox?

    Your ecard arrives at the recipient’s inbox the moment you click send!

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    How would I know if my ecard was delivered?

    You can view the status of your ecard delivery, in My Charity eCards UK dashboard.